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To record a newly invented lesson to ECSNet involves a series of steps. This tutorial describes the fourth step: Connecting the documents (outside of ECSNet) with the ECSNet metadata for a record…

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ECSNet How to write a review

A tutorial on how to document a review of an instructional item in ECSNet.

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ECSNet How to record a variation

This tutorial explains how to record a variation to an ECSNet Lesson.

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W6 C3 Onboarding (edited)

Week 6 Onboarding for Cohort 3 of the Maryland Elementary School Computer Science Coaches Topic: Computer Science Concepts - Computing Systems, Networks & the Internet, Data & Analysis,…

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W3 Onboarding Recording

Webinar for Onboarding of Cohort 3 of the Maryland Elementary School Computer Science Coaches - week 3. The slide deck can be found here.

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W2 C3 Onboarding (edited)

This is a recording of the zoom meeting for week 2 of the Onboarding of Cohort 3 of Maryland Elementary School Computer Science coaches. The topic of the webinar is Computational Thinking. You…

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The video reviews different aircraft, airplanes, and flying machine history.

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Pair Programming: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Coders

Great coders use Pair Programming but what happens when pairing isn't practical? Credits Presented by Dan Draper Produced by Kwuest Pictures Special thanks to: Elle Meredith, David Bolton,…

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AIT & Foundations of Programming Computer Science

AIT and Foundations of Programming teach students how to code in HTML and CSS to make websites using Adobe Dreamweaver. They will also learn how to create fun and interactive games in JavaScript.…

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