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This video is to help my student learn Molality.

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SchoolTube's 5 Facts About Anne Frank

Frank is known for her diary where she documented what it was like to be Jewish during the Holocaust. Here are some interesting facts about Frank: 1. Frank dreamed of becoming a journalist and later…

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Acid and Base Titration

Warning: Law & Order Themed Mr. Brown discusses and performs an Acid/Base Titration in the laboratory.

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Acid and Base Equilibrium Experiment

Mr. Brown does an Acid/Base experiment to show how the pH of a solution is affected by the addition of acid and base solutions using the pH indicator Bromthymol Blue.

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Acids Bases Notes 2

Mr. Brown discusses the pH scale and pH indicators.

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LeChatelier's Principle with Equilibrium Model

Warning: Star Wars Themed In this video Mr. Brown uses a Model of Equilibrium to discuss LeChatelier's Principle. Key Vocabulary Discussed: - Equilibrium - LeChatelier's Principle -…

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Acid Base Week 1 Walkthrough

Learning how to calculate pH, pOH, hydrogen ion concentration and hydroxide ion concentration with Mr. Ruppel!!!

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LeChat HW Review and HW Intro

Mr. Brown goes over Le Chatelier's Principle HW: Page 7 starting at 0:00 Page 8 starting at 7:35 Mr. Brown introduces new Le Chatelier's Principle HW at 15:14

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LeChatelier's HW

Mr. Brown introduces 2 LeChatelier's Principle worksheets that are HW.

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