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CommonLit 360 How to Write Introductions

This video is part of the 8G Unit 1 lesson on writing introductions. Use this video to support students as they write their unit essays.

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller | Overture Summary & Analysis

This playlist contains 13 video study guides about Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Each video will aid in students’ understanding of the themes and central ideas of the text. These videos…

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Kenturah Davis (2)

Video about Kenturah Davis, an African American Artist.

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Albom, Mitch - The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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Jan 19 & 20 part 1.mp4

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Statistics 1.2

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Lesson 4- managing hurt

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Big Idea - page 13

Here are the directions for page 13 of your Critical Thinking Literary Response Booklet.

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Persuasive Conclusions.webm

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Students will learn about the importance of writing Conclusions to their experiment.

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Opinion Writing Conclusion

Opinion Writing - Conclusions

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READING Drawing Conclusions Read Aloud

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Transpiration Lab

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How Not to be Stupid: A Guide to Critical Thinking by Carey Burtt

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