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The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe | Symbols

This playlist consists of 7 videos examining Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart. These videos will help students use the text to support their analyses. Additionally, these videos will help…

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare | Act 2, Scene 1 Summary & Analysis

This video study guide provides 36 videos that break down each act and scene for thorough summary and analysis and also contains additional videos about the context, symbols, characters, themes, and…

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1 Peter 3:18-22

Looking at Peter's comments around baptism in his epistle. What does Peter mean as he mentions baptism and that it "now saves you" in connection to the contexts he discusses? What do…

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Thoreau & Walden Pond

Henry David Thoreau at Walden.

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Bishop Barron on Conscience and Morality

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The Indian Caste System - An Introduction Video 1

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10/27 Class Session

This is our 10/27 class session

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October 27, 2020 Morning Announcements

Student Body President, Joya, shares a new Tuesday Tongue Twister today. School Board Member, Scott Schmerelson, has a special video message for the Carpenter school community.

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Bishop Barron on Conscience and Morality

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Pinocchio - Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

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Redcoats and Petticoats Read Aloud, Part 1

Part 1 of Redcoats and Petticoats by Katherine Kirkpatrick, illustrated by Ronald Himler.

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Thursday (May 21) Storytime

Ch.91+92 Little Pilgrim's Progress

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04/15/20 Telling the Truth

Happy Wednesday Stars! Mr. Gregory talks about the importance of telling the truth with Howard B. Wigglebottom. You will also find an extra activity to help you practice honesty. Parents - We are…

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Video 2 - Hamlet

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Doubtful things

Gray areas

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My Life, The Musical - WSCN Short Film 2015/2016

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