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White Rhino Crisis Henry Jackson

This is a documentary about the devastating poaching crisis in Africa.

From  IsidoreNewman1903 on May 19th, 2021 0 likes 1 plays

The Law of Conservation of Mass (Lavoisier)

Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School offers a 15 min video on Lavoisier's law of conservation of mass (lab).

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Conservation of Energy Song

Here is a song I created to help my 6th grade students study. I hope you enjoy. Eating your food might help you realize The energy burns in you inside It's called chemical energy…

From  cornelbo on December 11th, 2020 0 likes 21 plays

Kinetics Notes Part 5

Part 5 of Mr. Brown introducing the Kinetics unit in Chemistry. Discussed: -Potential Energy -Enthalpy (Heat) of Reaction

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Canada's Wild Rivers - 360 | Into Water

For best 360 viewing experience on a phone, watch in the YouTube mobile app. In the third installment of National Geographic’s “Into Water” 360 series, canoe through the…

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Experience the Elusive Tiger | Racing Extinction (360 Video)

They are nature's largest and most mysterious feline predators -- and they need our help. As Discovery embarks on a landmark project to protect endangered tigers, take a step into the world of…

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Rescuing Rhinos | Racing Extinction (360 Video)

Orphaned at 2 weeks old on November 2014, Matimba was found next to her mother who had been killed by her poachers for her horn. Weighing only 35 pounds at the time, she has been protected and…

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A day out with animal record breakers!

A day out at a wildlife reserve to find out record-breaking facts about the animals children can see at the zoo. Could be used to inspire discussons on conservation and endangered species. …

From  Guiness World Records on December 11th, 2019 10 likes 2,087 plays