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Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song

This is the original Alphabet ABC Song by Have Fun Teaching. Get unlimited teaching resources: Watch the new animated version here:…

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Phonics Blends for Kids: BL, CL, FL, GL, PL, SL- Bingo's Lingo on Harmony Square

For more info, check out: Beginning reading on Harmony Square. Children will learn letter blends BL, CL, FL, GL, PL, SL. Learn to read. Fun consonant blends.…

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Doubling the Final Consonant | Spelling Rules | EasyTeaching

Learn when to double the final consonant before adding the suffix ‘ed’ or ‘ing’ with the 1:1:1 spelling rule. Note: If the word has more than one syllable and the last…

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Short Vowels

Review short vowel sounds

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The information, materials, audio and video are for educational purposes and may not be copied, transcribed, shared, transmitted or published without written permission from the Woodland Park Board…

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Language Enrichment Day 37

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Language Enrichment Day 35

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Language Enrichment Day 33

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Language Enrichment Day 32

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Language Enrichment Day 31

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Language Enrichment Day 25

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Tess and Jack

Tess and Jack

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Ann Packs

Ann Packs

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Thursday October 1 Week 2 Day 3 Owen Foote Word Study

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9-21 Word Study: Vowels

There are two types of letter; Vowels and Consonants. Vowels are special because they make two sounds.

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