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Rm 26 Leadership Day Habit 8 Video

Habit 8 Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.

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Why We Stay Home: Suzie Learns about Coronavirus Ages: All Ages - All Ages Author: Samantha Harris and Devon Scot Illustrator: Harriet Rodis Timely, informative, and comforting, Why We Stay Home…

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Story Time: While We Can't Hug

This is a cute story about friends who can't hug, but want to show each other how much they love one another. This is a great story to connect the theme of the story to our current situation…

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September 15, 2020 Morning Announcements

Third grade students take over co-hosting duties beginning today with Leo. He shares his morning routine, how he is staying healthy during the pandemic, and the occupation he wants in the future. …

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Kinder Dance Lesson- Week of August 24, 2020

Welcome back Cougars! Let’s start this strange and exciting new school year with some mindful breathing, and let’s learn how an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE can bring us all GREAT things!

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When Virona The Corona Came To Town Read Aloud

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Angela Reyes- Virona the Corona by Hailey Glynn

2nd Day ~ Virtual Learning Read Aloud

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Covid-19 Mitigation

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Coronavirus: wild animals relax in South Africa golf club during lockdown

Lions and wild dogs have been filmed relaxing in the the greens of Skukuza golf club in Kruger National Park in South Africa as visitors stay away during the coronavirus outbreak. Jean Rossouw,…

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Corona Pandemic Lockdown Effect on Wild Animals

A third of the world's population is under lockdown. As a result, the skies are clearing, streets and neighbourhoods are quiet, industrial activity is down, noise and pollution levels are down,…

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Lucy's Mask

Lucy's Mask Read Aloud

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Let's Explore the Sun- Mrs. Brannon

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PCA Opinion: Final LNS Podcast

Final PCA Opinion LionNationStudios Podcast hosted by Josh Lee (11), Bella Perron (10), and Nicky Rudd (11).

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RT Wrap: Special Edition 04-17-2020

Reporters from The Round Table, Middletown High School's student news media, provide an update on what's happening at MHS and the surrounding community, and a wrap up of the news from the…

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Unprecedented Times

This video is a series of interviews from kids around the countries living in situations with different levels of cases of interviews. These states include Iowa, Ohio, and Michigan.

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Chris's Video

This is a promotional video I made for a local restaurant to help them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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