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It's a Great Dat at Clay 10-28-22

Mrs. Slattery wrestles a squirrel, Mr. Gish eats crayons and Mr. Casper dresses up as Colonel Sanders. Just another day at CIA.

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WWTV News April 20, 2021


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Activity Time: Tuesday, March 16 - Pizza Craft

Today we're checking out what's inside our Writing Center folder. We're drawing circles for pizzas in our fine motor journals and practicing our #4's in our number practice book.…

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The Game with Lines - Draw BIG!

Kinder level exploration of lines, the paper space, and how to hold a crayon

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Kinder - The Game with Lines #1 Using the whole paper

Kinder skills - holding a pencil, thin and thick lines, parts of the paper, curved and straight

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Winter Bear Drawing

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Matching Mitten Drawing

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The Good Egg Drawing

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Handwriting Activity Sheet "C"

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Kinder and 1st Grade video #6

crayon rubbing

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1st Grade

1st Grade elementary straight and curved line warm up

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Crayons - using the sides of broken chunks

Basic Crayon rubbing technique for elementary school

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Crayons - transparency

wax crayons are more transparent than colored pencils - elementary school

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Crayons Introduction to Mixed Media

Crayon technique - elementary school

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K -5 marker technique

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Plurals_Lesson 1_First Grade

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