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Rosie Revere, Engineer read by Lea Michele

Rosie Revere, Engineer is written by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts and read by Lea Michele. A beautifully-illustrated tale of a girl and her dream to become a great engineer. …

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WSCN - Friday, March 25th, 2022

The WSCN Daily Update, featuring PTVS from two seniors--Tyler and Jackie. Tyler is stuck in a spotify playlist, and Jackie is reflecting on her four years at WGH

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Ladue View Take 2 - January 2022

The media world is quickly changing, and so is Ladue View. The Broadcast Technology staff decided to switch up the usual format of the show by combining videos, of all different styles, into one new…

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Read Aloud :Squirrels -Facts and Information about Squirrels for Children - Squirrels facts for kids

Squirrels are members of the family Sciuridae, a family that includes small or medium-size rodents. The squirrel family includes tree squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, flying…

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Lacrosse Creative Lights

This is my video highlighting the Ladue Girls Varsity Lacrosse team!

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Journaling 101

This is a video on Journaling... LOOP HABIT TRACKER: Loop has an advanced formula for calculating the strength of your habits. Every repetition makes your habit stronger and every missed day makes…

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Mary S. Gutierrez Intro.MOV

My introduction was in English. Could you do yours in Spanish? Spanish script: "Hola, yo soy Mary Soriano Gutierrez. Yo soy de Colombia, este es el mapa de Colombia. Yo vivo en Henderson,…

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Flat Teacher Introduction

In this video, ALL the teachers help show you a fun new project based on the story Flat Stanley. Your teachers have been flattened and we are coming to your house for new adventures during this…

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Media Makers show #28 - Jeremy Cropf

Ladue alum Jeremy Cropf is the Creative Services Director for Cascade Public Media (PBS) in Seattle, WA. Jeremy has produced and edited PBS programs which have been distributed nationally. On this…

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Folklife 101 Episode 4: Things we make

This episode talks about material culture, and how understanding it involves looking at what communities consider beautiful, meaningful, and important.

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Mrs. Cross Has Cat Trouble!

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"I Am a Story" by Dan Yaccarino

Enjoy a reading of "I Am a Story" read by Mrs. Watkins and her special guest Hazel. Text to Self: What stories do you like to tell friends and family. Do you use words, drawing, or…

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Carbon Copy

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The Monsters

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A Bottle to the Back

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Creating OER and Combining Licences Part "

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