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How to Import into Plan

How to import to Plan tab

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8th Graders, High Schoolers Collide in CTE Building

The Piper 8th graders will enter the CTE building with high schoolers next school year due to overcrowding. (2022-2023)

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JFD_TV 5-13-22

J. Frank Dobie HS

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Monroe Minute 4/19-4-22

Monroe Minute 4/19-4-22

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Status Update 9.21

This episode features news on the DRHS Campus Wall of Fame, the recent CTE Fair at the Freshman Campus, the unveiling of the new CTE Food Truck, the Media Tech Club and its activities, and the last…

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School Counseling Presentation Rising 9th Graders

School Counseling Director Terri Drogue presents information for the parents of rising 9th graders as they enter ConVal Regional High School. Other participants include: Principal Heather McKillop,…

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iRam 11.16

This episode features skits about how the show hosts are selected, missing teachers, favorite Disney songs, babysitting the twins, and having fun with mad libs. Please enjoy!

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iRam 11.10

This episode introduces the Student Dash, a delivery service for the forgetful student, followed by a warning of the dangers stemming from the overuse of spray cologne, tells the story of a student…

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ATC Director Jen Kiley Reads "Someone Builds The Dream"

ATC Director Jen Kiley reads Someone Builds The Dream, written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Loren Long.

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Status Update 9.16

This Status Update episode looks back at the last month of December before the Christmas holidays; it features stories on testing tips, the Media Tech Club, the lunch area's Winter Wonderland,…

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WHMS Morning News Thurs Dec 23, 2021

school news is here!

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iRam 11.9

This iRam episode celebrates the new James Bond film release with a Bond parody, followed by skits about Podcast Auditions, opinions of the holidays, and then honors the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday…

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WHMS Morning News Monday, Nov 15, 2021

the news!

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Status Update 9.9

This episode features news about the ROTC Drill Teams, the new Athletic Driector, the DRHS Art Club, the student snack bar, and homecoming highlights.

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Status Update 9.8

Welcome back to Status Update! This episode features news about Written Art, the new Yearbook sponsor, an interview with Coach Martinez, highlights from the recent homecoming parade, and a student…

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iRam 11.3

In honor of the upcoming Halloween season, this episode features a couple of spooky skits and parodies, starting with a Deathnote parody called "Tripnote," a segment about a haunted muppet,…

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