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Sarah Houston Speech 3 2022

Hallsville High School

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Fahrenheit 451 | Part 2 (Montag Reads Poetry) Summary & Analysis | Ray Bradbury

This playlist provides 23 video study guides for Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451 that offer detailed chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of the plot, symbols, characters, themes, and…

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Dr Sullivan WCMS News

Dr Sullivan WCMS News

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More than an Athlete

A look at a few African Americans who are more than athletes.

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What's in your lunch bag?

With the help of Lily, Lukas and Kyler we found out what our fellow rangers have for lunch.

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Animated Hero Classics - Louis Pasteur

Learn about Louis Pasteur in this program. With conviction, this great French scientist discovered the cure for deadly diseases after the deaths of his beloved daughters.

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5/17 Class Session

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Summarizing nonfiction - Khan Academy

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Hannah McGee Redo speech 11-16-2020

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Spelling Test Video 10:23


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Lemonade War

Government Regulations on Businesses

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Spongebob Scientific Method Notes

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Spongebob Scientific Method Notes

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A Bad Case Of Stripes

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ERHS Morning Announcements 5-11-20

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Josh Jeub (Creative Storytelling).mp4

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