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A Military Mobilization In Russia

This Friday, we're explaining anti-war protests in Russia and monitoring an announcement that could send more Russian citizens to the battlefield. We'll also go on a trip to Minnesota to…

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The First Day Of Fall

It's officially fall and today we're explaining the science behind the autumnal equinox. We're also traveling to Australia to learn about a scientist using a network of sound…

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Following Hurricane Fiona

This Wednesday, we're heading to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico to understand its challenges following Hurricane Fiona. Flooding and power outages remain widespread. We'll also meet…

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Explaining The Balance Of Power In The U.S. Congress

With less than 50 days until the U.S. Midterm elections, we're explaining the balance of power in the U.S. Congress. We're also heading to space to understand an earth-protecting mission…

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Headlines From Around The World

We're traveling the world today to examine some international headlines from Puerto Rico to Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Then, we're visiting with a CNN Hero who is turning food waste…

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Trains Agree To Keep Moving?

On this Friday edition of CNN 10, we're exploring the latest efforts to avoid a strike among rail workers that could have sweeping effects on the supply chain, and we're going deep sea…

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Does Twitter Have A Bot Problem?

This Thursday, we're breaking down rising prices in the U.S., and we're trying to understand just how many fake accounts exist on Twitter.

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Flooding In Pakistan, A Newborn Star, And A CNN Hero

Today we're exploring parts of Pakistan that have been devastated by severe monsoon rains, we're taking a look at just released images of newborn stars, and we're meeting a CNN Hero…

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An NFL Player's Journey

Today we check in on the war in Ukraine, look back at a "moonshot" of a speech, and interview an inspiring NFL player on this Tuesday edition of CNN 10.

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The Next Mission To The Moon

CNN 10 is kicking off its first show of the 2022 fall season! Today, we’re looking back at the life and legacy of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, we’re observing remembrances of the…

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American Cars Reach A New Record

As China's zero-Covid policy takes a toll on its economy, we're following a CNN reporter through Beijing to see what life is like under restrictions in the capital. The average age of…

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Drought In The American West

New details have emerged from a shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, and we're reporting on what U.S. President Joe Biden and Texas Governor Greg Abbott said about the incident. An ongoing…

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A Tragedy In Texas

We begin with a brief report on a tragedy in Texas. That's followed by a look at rampant inflation and shortages in two countries on opposite sides of the Northern Hemisphere. From there, we…

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The U.S. Policy On Taiwan

President Biden stirs debate and controversy when commenting on Taiwan, but his administration says U.S. policy hasn't changed. A virus called monkeypox spreads to countries that aren't…

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What Is A Bear Market?

We're covering a lot of topics on today's show; they include U.S. aid to Ukraine, efforts to ease a baby formula shortage, rising fuel prices, and signs of a bear stock market. We're…

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U.S. Soccer Makes A Change

North Korea is reporting its first major outbreak of Covid, more than 2 years after the pandemic began. U.S. Soccer has announced an agreement to provide equal pay and benefits to its men's and…

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