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Best Learning Video for Toddlers Learn Colors with Crayon Surprises!

Best Learning Video for Toddlers Learn Colors with Crayon Surprises! In this preschool learning video for kids, teach kids colors, common words, and simple sentences with this educational video for…

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20 Industrial Machines

Here are the top 20 most incredible machines ever built! Machine operators job description includes taking care of all machine-specific functions such as configuring the equipment, loading and…

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may 9,2022-SMS

May 9,2022-SMS Morning Announcements

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Activity Time: Thursday, March 18 - Pizza Sentences, Counting & Adding Pepperoni

Today we're practicing our #4's on our rainbow writing number sheet. We're matching pictures to words with our PIzza Sentence activity. We're also adding pepperoni on our…

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Wedging clay demo and activity instructions

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Wire materials_ distribution_ and clean up

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Super Sharks - Mrs. Brannon

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Quincy High Plumbing Lesson Installing a Water Heater lesson 2

Quincy High Plumbing Instructor Charles Hannaford Demonstrates how to install a Hot Water Heater - Part 2.

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Instruction on how to read words and sentences with r-controlled vowel syllables

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compare contrast fiction

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Part One: Looking at the Pictures and Sounds to Figure Out Tricky Words

Using pictures and sounds to figure out tricky words.

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Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

Using pipe cleaners and styrofoam create your own sculpture inspired by Alexander Calder. Use beads, pasta or cereal to string on the pipe cleaners. Sandy's Circus…

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How to cut a Pizza perfectly.

Liz shows us how to cut a pizza perfectly.

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Cruelty Cutter Demonstratio

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Cruelty Cutter App Demonstration

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Crystals music video

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