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Dawson MEC Welcome


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HKTV 70 - 9th Episode (Fall 2022)

HKTV 70 - 9th Episode (Fall 2022)

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Central High Cheerleaders dance at pep rally

Watch the Central High Cheerleaders perform a routine they created themselves at their school's pep rally.

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2021 Ram Film Awards Ceremony

2021 Virtual Ram Film Awards Ceremony, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the young student filmmakers of the CTE Media and Digital Communications Program at Del Rio High School.

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Once in a While Show - Final Episode

This episode features a musical reading, Zoom Olympics, Words of Wisdom from the departing senior class, a look at some Zoom challenges and PSAs about mask safety, checking grades, and being…

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Wednesday Calendar

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Friday Butterflies Go Free

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A1 Topic 6 Lesson 6-3 Example 2

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Thurs. Calendar

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PC vs. Console

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The Sniper Movie Trailer Eng 4

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Smoking Is Bad Mmkay

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Texting & Drunk Driving

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Morning Message

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Morning Message

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Dawson`s math movie

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