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Peep crosses the road

Crosses the road

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The Jelly Donut Difference Book Read Aloud

Author Maria Dismondy reads her new book aloud!

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6th Grade Math Real-world Ratios and Rates

Learn how to distinguish between ratios and rates. Apply ratios and rates to real-world problems and situations. Definitions and two examples are given. Find all my videos and even more math…

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To record a newly invented lesson to ECSNet involves a series of steps. This tutorial describes the fourth step: Connecting the documents (outside of ECSNet) with the ECSNet metadata for a record…

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Haciendo conexiones del texto al mundo

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Texto Informativo: Palabras Importantes Parte 2

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Art Lesson #3. DEAL 'EM 6, 7, 8 & Stars

AL#3. DEAL 'EM. Grades 6, 7, 8 & STARS. Designing our own cards.

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6th 10-2

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center work sh and sight words

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Greater than, less than equal to

Play war with someone at home, but make sure to use the terms above. Also don’t forget to send me a picture of y’all playing or a message saying who won! Whoever has the greater amount of…

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