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Understand the Declaration of Independence in 5 Minutes

In this video, you'll gain a basic understanding of what the Declaration of Independence is, why it was written, and what it says.

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How NOT to Confuse the Declaration, Articles, and Constitution - @MrBettsClass

Students confusing these three is the bane of a US History teacher's existence. Never confuse them again.

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How To: Black Out Poetry

Black out poetry is incredibly easy and buckets of fun, so here's a how-to guide on how and why you should give it a go! Using existing work, such as the Declaration of Independence or US…

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The Charters of Freedom, with Dr. Charlie Flanagan of NARA Center for Legislative Archives

During this webinar you will learn how to engage your students with learning activities using the founding documents. The Powerpoint for this video is available. Contact us @ [email protected]

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1.4 Colonial Complaints and Grievances

The Declaration of Independence was a document written in 1776 that stated the colonists’ complaints against the king of England and the desire for an independent and democratic government.…

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Philosophies in the Declaration: Core 3

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Philosophies of the Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence

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Forrest Philadelphia

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Declaration of Independence Green Screen Video

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Coach Reid's Classes "Words of Freedom"

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Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence

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Interpreting the Declaration of Independence

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Too Late to Apologize

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