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Solve Equation Using Square Roots & Cube Roots

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Decorating the Graham House - (WSCN PTV 4, Semester 1)

Johnny and Anthony decorate the Graham house--which definitely was NOT already decorated when they filmed this.

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5.28.2021 Friday RMSTV

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How To Make A Cardboard Castle

Step by step guide to building a medieval castle from carboard. All you will need are: Carboard Scissors Glue Paint or colouring pens Ask a grown up to help you with cutting if you need it.

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Thursday Activity Time - Sowflake Matching Game & Beading Snowflakes

Practice your names and draw some more snowflakes in your fine motor journal. We're examining snowflakes with our magnifying glass. Try to match up the small snowflake cards with the larger…

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NH Map directions 2

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Turkey Song

The Turkey is a funny bird, his head goes Wobble, Wobble All he knows is just one word Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

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1.4 Colonial Complaints and Grievances

The Declaration of Independence was a document written in 1776 that stated the colonists’ complaints against the king of England and the desire for an independent and democratic government.…

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mr moores class

paper mache creations room 18

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VCMS Announcements 4/29/20

Joke of the day...

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Vocabulary Unit 15 Introduction

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Largest decorated Easter egg

The largest decorated Easter egg is 15.02 m (49 ft 3 in) tall and 8.72 m (28 ft 7 in) in diameter. Use to discuss decorated eggs, and to run an art lesson decorating papier mache eggs.

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Pierce and Evan Valentines Craft

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Homecoming hall decoration

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Math Video - Nick & the DInosaur

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Math Video - Doll House Makeover

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