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Digital Citizenship Training - Elementary Part 1

Welcome to your Digital Citizenship Training! Are you ready to begin? This is Part 1 in our series for Elementary-aged students. This video is a supplemental training on digital citizenship for…

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Best Practices for Keeping your Zoom Class Safe

As many teachers move towards online learning and using tools like Zoom, we want to provide recommendations and best practices for keeping yourself and your students safe. Subscribe then learn more…

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Digital Footprint: What's Out There?

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Scams and Schemes

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Digital Literacy

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Strategic Searching

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Cyber-bullying by Jesse & Chandler

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Cyber Bullying

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Isaac Bear - Digital Persentations

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OWL Videoconference: Digital Literacy Training with Jamie Hollier, February 4, 2014

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Transforming Healthcare, Now! (2012 Cleveland Clinic Summer Internship Program)

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Innovative Education Through Cleveland Clinic eXpression

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Cleveland Clinic EXPLORERS: The Art of Health and Wellness

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