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Ethan Miller Speech 2 Fall 2022

Hallsville High School

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Nadia Lilly Speech 2 Fall 2022

Hallsville HIgh School

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ERHS Morning Announcements 9-20-22

school news

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ERHS Morning Announcements 9-19-22

school news

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The Scarlet Letter | Chapter 22 Summary and Analysis | Nathaniel Hawthorne

This playlist consists of 33 video study guides for each chapter, an examination of the themes, characters, symbols, and more of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. These videos are a…

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Dorothea Lange, a Visual Life

For more info, check out: Dorothea Lange was an influential photographer and photojournalist during the Great Depression who captured one of the most iconic…

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Jumbotron NPFH (1)

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Disney II Magnet High School-Black History Moment-2.17.2021

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Human Rights Education: A Path to Dignity

A Path to Dignity: The Power of Human Rights Education is a 28 minute long documentary which demonstrates the impact of human rights education. Successful practices and projects in India, Australia…

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ERHS Morning Announcements 10-6-20

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AV 1.4

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AV 1.4

Middle Passage

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Mrs. Glass Unit 8 week 3 Launch Weekly presentation

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