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S4_M2_2 Deploying Applications Review

This video is a review of previous readings related to deploying applications within the School Passport AppStore prior to the final exam of the CSPA course module on that topic.

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S2_M1_0 Intro to IdP Integration

This video introduces the learner to the process by which School Passport AppStore integrated roster data with IdPs to facilitate SSO.

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Maddi Atkins Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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MS74 2021 Grade Olympics

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Creating a Folder

Creating a Folder in School Passport

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Creating a Bookmark

How to Create a Bookmark in School Passport.

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9-23 Reading Workshop: Predicting why things are happening

Readers predict why things happen in the story.

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BTSN: How to log into Clever

Back to school night: How to log into Clever

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Virtual Orientation up to Teacher Presentation

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A Republic in France / Guillotine

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Learn From Home

This video will walk you the KCISD Learn from Home website.

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Lesson 1.1 Recap

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How to use the directory function of your phone.

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BHS Digital Directory

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