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Step Right Up

How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness

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Peep and the Big Wide World: The Mystery of the Thing That Went and Came Back

Peep sets sail (accidentally) in the Good Ship Easter Egg. For interactive games for kids, activities for parents to do with their kids, and resources for preschool educators, visit the PEEP Web…

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Navigating Early part 4.

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Billy Budd Chapters 28-30

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Ch 8 Dynamic Duo

read aloud

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Middle School Bible #20 P.Sturgis

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Textos Informativos: Descriptivos “¿De Quién son estos ojos?”

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Wednesday Handwriting P. 15

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The Detective Dog - Read by Mrs Rowley

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Wednesday Math P.7,8

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Berenstain Bears go to the Doctor

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Teacher Read-Aloud #6

The Raft, by Jim LaMarche AR quiz #41449

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Dr Dog

Dr Dog - a story to teach us how to look after ourselves in a fun way.Read by Miss Allemand

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Video Recording - Mon Apr 20 2020 12:48:05 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)

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The Cheddar Cheese Weirdos

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Docking the T410

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