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Invention Of Play Doh - The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Videos For Kids | Peekaboo Kidz

Isn’t playing with clay so much fun? The squishy, soft, sand-like mixture is the joy of many children across the world! But did you know that Play Doh, the world’s most famous clay brand…

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Fifth Grade, Physical Science, Lesson 5, Engineering Project

Introduction to the Designing a Playdough Process engineering project. Identifying the goal and testing materials. Beginning to identify possible solutions.

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Los Colores en Español -

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 14th 2021, 12:10:54 pm

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Letter Q

This week's mystery letter! the letter Q!

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Tuesday Activity Time - Wrapping Blocks & Playdough with Cookie Cutters

This week is all about gifts! Today we're wrapping presents by practicing on blocks. You'll need wrapping paper and tape for this. Have fun making holiday shapes with your play dough and…

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12th Prerecorded Spanish Class

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10th Prerecorded Spanish Class

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Escritura - 11/11

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Letter F.mp4

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Thursday Activity Time - Watercolor Pictures

Please practice writing your name and draw some more hills and circles in your fine motor journals. You'll need watercolor paints, a paint brush, water and your painting pages we sent home in…

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Tuesday Activity Time - Roll & Cover Farm Animals and Apple Tree/Playdough Counting

Today's activities include Roll & Cover Farm Animals. You'll need your farm animal sheet, dice and your math counting gems. You can also use your apple tree counting page and…

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Music Lesson Compilation for Kids - Solfege, Rhythm, Colors - Prodigies Music Curriculum

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Recorded Morning meeting 9/8/2020

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Mon sac a dos / Gregg Lerock


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letter d

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