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Whitney High School (Unleashed)

2019-2020 STN Broadcast Excellence National Award Winner Whitney High School (Unleashed) Daily Taped Show

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2.22.22 Announcements

2.22.22 Announcements

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Mr. Brenny reading lesson 1-12-21

Mr. Brenny's reading lesson 1-12-21

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Math lesson 1-8-2021

Mr. Brenny's math lesson 1-8-2021

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Mr. Brenny Math lesson 12-22-2020

Mr. Brenny Math lesson 12-22-2020

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Math Lesson 12-11-20

Mr. Brenny's Math lesson 12-11-2020

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GGCAFA Elem Bible

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Week of 5/18-5/22 (1st/2nd Grade) Library Reading

May Poem, St. Dominic, and Be You! by Peter Reynolds. Read by Mary Packard.

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Grammar Week 7

4th Grade

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Circle time with Jasmine 4/22

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Circle Time 4/14/2020

Hello Song: Hello to you! Book: Little Monkey Calms Down by Michael Dahl Letter Song: Letter B Song on the "Have Fun Teaching" channel (YouTube) Choice Song: Ten Little Dinosaurs on the…

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Solomon Dominic Silent Film

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Grass: a documentary

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Silent Film by Dominic & Solomon

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Dominic - Henry & Ribsy

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Commercial Parody: Mental Manipulation Beam of Authority

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