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Soccer creative video

This video was edited using the creative shots that were recorded in the Tv Studio. I cut out everything person's creative clip and attached it the video to edit it.

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Soccer Slideshow

Here is a soccer slideshow of Ladue vs John Burroughs.

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Interview Olivia

This was my final exam assignment where I was instructed to interview someone about something that would be interesting to a Ladue student. I used my iPhone 11 Pro max to record all of my shots shown.

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Mahith- Student Choice Video

Ladue Ram Shack store is open every blue and white day for you to buy anything types of schools related products. It also have a to involve with a class at the high school that students take after…

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Interview an Expert

This Project is called Interview an expert and I interviewed Dwayne Foley and was recorded inside. This was a face to face interview were I asked questioned like his life goals, role models and what…

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Keegan's Final_ Interview

This video highlights the best soundbites from my interview for my final in Broadcast Tech. It took a lot of time and was very tough to do but I think it turned out well. It went from 7 minutes to 1!…

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Ladue RB Jared Rhodes highlights

Ladue running back Jared Rhodes highlights from the varsity football season 2021.

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6-Word Story

This is the 6 word story I created for Broadcast Tech. It was a fun and really helpful assignment. I learned various shots and learned how to edit those shots to a beat. Overall it was a very fun…

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Keegan: 5-Shot Sequence

This story was created for broadcast tech and was a 5-shot sequence. I recorded in the broadcast studio with my iPhone and my friend Cole. With my iPhone, I filmed Cole from 5 different types of…

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Don 5-Shot Sequence

5W's and H - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Who is this story about? What is the story about? When?

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Donovan Gray 5 Shot Sequence

This Story was called my 5 sequences and my Star was Levi and I recorded in the Tv Studio and recorded 5 Shots of over the shoulder, hands, face , and wide shot. This was all recorded in the month of…

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60 Seconds Video

This is Mahith. This is my 60 seconds video about me. Take a look.....

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60 Second Video: An Argument With Myself

For my first Broadcast Technology II assignment, I had to make a video that lasted 60 seconds. In it, I argue with myself in my room, debating over if certain things were special or interesting about…

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Don Goble - Ladue High School Broadcast Technology and Multimedia Sports Production Program

Mr. Goble teachers Broadcast Technology I-VIII and Multimedia Sports Production I-VIII.

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See. Serve. Connect. Podcast Dr. Jim Wipke interviews Brenna Roth

Ladue School District Dr. Jim Wipke interviews Brenna Roth, Art Teacher from the Ladue Fifth Grade Center, as the Excellence in Education award winner for May 2021. This episode was produced by Don…

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Interview Z's version

I interviewed Lexi Berg about her school life.

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