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Violin Concerto, Mvt. II, mm. 1–15 by J.S. Bach: Tutorial for NMEA 2021 bass audition repertoire

Jeremy Baguyos, UNO Professor of Music & Interdisciplinary Informatics, presents a tutorial on the bass audition repertoire (Violin Concerto, Mvt. II, mm. 1–15, by J.S. Bach) for the 2021…

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Together with two of my husband Joe's colleagues in the Boston Symphony I read and tell some tidbits about how the book came to be. I had great fun transforming my husband and fellow musicians…

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5.4 Day 2 Lesson

Verifying identities and solving equations with the sum and difference formulas. Introducing double angle formulas then doing proofs and equations involving double angle formulas.

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Sad Face

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