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Quincy School Committee May 5, Part 2

In part 2 of the May 5, 2021 Quincy School Committee there was a presentation by DOVE who presented their Youth Speak Program. The DOVE program in Quincy is a non-profit organization committed to…

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10/5 class session

This is our 10/5 class session

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9/28 Life of Christ Session

This is our 9/28 Class Session

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Surprise in Ms. Genna's tree!

Look closely and try to find what's in Ms. Genna's tree!

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MAIN LESSON The story of noah after the great flood

Main Lesson Story Term 2, Week 1 *A copy of the Main Lesson drawing featured in this video is found on SharePoint.

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One Day on Our Blue the ocean

Miss Allemand reads One Day on our Blue Planet...In the Ocean by Ella Bailey.

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Johnny Tremain 10 - 'Disperse, Ye Rebels!'

Chapter 10 of 'Johnny Tremain' finally marks what all the rebels have suspected for some time: war is beginning. Johnny plays a part in piecing together clues of the British plans, and…

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Johnny Tremain 09 - The Scarlet Deluge

Not all is as it seems in Boston in chapter 9 of 'Johnny Tremain'. Some unexpected Whig supporters make themselves known to Johnny, while quiet movements are made heading toward war.

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Time Team Special 59 (2014) - The Boats That Made Britain (Dover, Kent)

The Bronze Age was the time when the British landscape became civilised, with fields, farms and the first roads, but little evidence survives of what life was like 3,500 years ago. However, in 1992,…

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