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The Cat Who Adopts Baby Ducklings | Animal Odd Couples

Biologist Liz Bonnin explores why some of the most bizarre and surprising animals pair up with each other and with us. She scours the globe in search of the most extraordinary and cute animal…

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Guji Guji read by Robert Guillaume

For more info, check out: Guji Guji is written and illustrated by Chih-Yuan Chen and read by Robert Guillaume. Guji Guji is quite…

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Story Time: Love Is

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Activity Time: Tuesday, May 4 - Duck Game & Spring Geo Boards

Today we're practicing the number 9 in our number books. In our writing center folder this week we've included Mother's Day card templates with words you can use to make your cards. …

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Mr. Lincoln's Way by Patricia Polacco

Read aloud of Mr. Lincoln's Way by Patricia Polacco. Use a pencil and paper to stop and jot your thinking during the video!

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5/11/2020 - Math Lesson 8.6

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coopers grandm may 5-4.mp4

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Dora's Ducks story

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4/8/2020- Miss Nancy/Storytime Pt 2

Egg Estimation Jar, Storytime with Miss Nancy SCS 3's

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The Duckling Gets a Cookie

Mr. Lester reading The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems.

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Ms. Wong: The Duckling Gets A Cookie

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Easter Surprises - Mr. Lutz

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PreK4 - March 18 - Where is my Brother - Read Aloud (Day 2)

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Yummytime Storytime: Ms Bronoel

Ms Bronoel reads "Make Way for Ducklings"

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Calling for the ducks

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