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2-Chanukah is Here

Here is the movement video for "Chanukah Is Here."

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The Election of 1860 & the Road to Disunion: Crash Course US History #18

This playlist consists of 49 videos all about US History. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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Syncopation made easy! Interactive RHYTHM training.

Here's a trick to make syncopation and other complex rhythm patterns a bit easier to learn.

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Play any RHYTHM easily - perfect your timing and sight reading!

Play any rhythm easily! Perfect your timing, learn complicated rhythms fast and improve sight reading.

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Lesson 10 Dance - Middle School

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Lesson 9 Dance - Middle School

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December Dance - Young Mozart

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9th Grade English (Monday, 11/2)

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October Dance - Purple People Eaters

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A Perfectly Messed Up Story- Readers Can...

Separate lesson video...

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Knuffle Bunny- Connection

Students will make connections by: thinking of their own toy they would be sad to lose AND asking a parent what their first word was!

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My Teacher is a Monster

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Circle Time 5/26/2020

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Thursday, May 21

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