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Door-to-Door Short Film

This is a short comedy drama film about door to door salesman Jeremy who has recently been in dire need of some money to support him and his brother Allen. Jeremy find himself in a situation where he…

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Noctambulation Short Film

This is a short film produced by Ladue View, about a Highschool student who has found herself waking up in random places in the middle of the night, she soon finds that her mysterious sleepwalking…

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60 Second Cinematogprapher Reel

This is a short reel of some of my favorite recent shots. These shots are the epitome of my cinematography style, and I feel like by watching these shots I am able to express my emotions on a deeply…

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Payton Shostak News Package Interview

This is a New Package Interview of Payton Shostak, the President of BBYO. B-roll taken at a BBYO meeting.

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6 word story - Dylan Patterson

This is a 6 word/ 6 shot story. The entire movie was filmed, acted, and scripted by me (Dylan). The focus of the assignment was to learn and master different types of shots and angles used in…

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5 shot Sequence - Dylan Patterson

Who, What, why, where, when, how This is a 5 shot sequence, starring actor Xander Helmkampf. The focus of this assignment was to get a hand, face, wide, shoulder, and alternative shot of the same…

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