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isabella model

Isabellas follow up model to her Sketchup "Zen garden" she designed

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April 17 Newscast

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Largest parade of ice cream vans-trucks

The largest parade of ice cream vans/trucks is 84, and was achieved by The Ice cream Van Dream Team (UK) in Crewe, UK. Use to kick off a lesson on artwork on vans and other things we…

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Travis Day Crayons Quit

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Free Ebooks on Project Gutenberg

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Eric Van Lustbader on Writing Thrillers

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Search for Overdrive Ebooks at GHS

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Imagine a Place by Sarah Thompson

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Leaf Animals

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Using the FREE Kindle Reader Options for BYOT: No Kindle Required

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Michael Crichton: The Med School Years

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All About Skunks

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How to use an ebook

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Imagine A Place

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Mike Matas: A next-generation digital book

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Discovery Elementary Reading Motivational Video

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