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Minecraft Education Edition - Cambridge Assessment English demo lesson adventure - learn English EFL

A lesson made by Cambridge Assessment English as a first in series Adventures in English. A walkthrough (and solutions to the puzzles) where students learn about adjectives in a 50 min lesson and…

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Basic Minecraft Multiplication

I made this video for a conference of teachers looking for different ways to teach basic multiplication skills to students (around 3rd grade).

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EmpathyEDU in Minecraft:Education Edition

A project for 2021 and beyond! Modernized with Immersive Reader and Flipgrid in mind this super popular project will be a favourite with your grade 2-7 learners for sure. Three ways to use this…

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Science Island - Minecraft Education Lesson Walkthrough

Teach the Scientific Method with Minecraft Education Edition. This lesson is designed for grades 3 - 12 and allows students to formulate, test and modify hypotheses five times and then add their…

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How Cherokee County School District Teachers Use Minecraft: Education Edition in K-12 Classrooms

Cherokee County School District introduced Minecraft: Education Edition to K-12 teachers as part of a small pilot in 2017. After completing a round of professional development, the pilot educators…

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Learning through gaming: using Minecraft in the classroom | Joel Levin

Making the case for using video games like Minecraft as a tool for teaching essential life skills in the classroom. -- After witnessing the positive experiences his children had playing…

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Minecraft: Education Edition

Hear what educators are saying about using Minecraft to transform classroom learning.

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Digital Respons-Ability Online Educator Training

Preview the training that will prepare educators to implement digital citizenship elements and principles in their classroom and beyond. We utilize ISTE Standards and SEL framework from CASEL in our…

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Post Secondary Video Tour & More 2020

A video tour of our Post Secondary, Adult and Community Education. Visit our website "Adult Education" link for more!*Note: Some images are pre-COVID and CDC measures.…

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How To Upload a File to Moodle 2017-2018 Version

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portal 2 creation

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final edit

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CTE Pathways-Education

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Excel 2010_ Environment

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Excel 2010_ Formatting Tables

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Paraeducator Information

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