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Sport Celly Broadcast.mp4

Intro to Journalism students report on sports cellys.

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Interview an expert

Just a little interview with our schools well known theatrical artist.

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The Drummer Boy

Thanks for watching! For more content, visit us online at

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SLC 2021 - Sharing the Planet - Childrens Services

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Mehlville Today April 27 2021

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The Obese Feline - PTV 1 (Katia)

Katia shares the exciting life of an obese feline.

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How to do a RAZ Kids Lesson

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Ice Cream In a Bag

A little bit of cooking, a little bit of science, and a whole lot of yum!

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Bugs in my Hair Read Aloud

Read Aloud of the Book Bugs in My Hair! by Catherine Stier - Read by Teacher Tom

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Our first Luna Moth has appeared!!

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5/11/20/Miss Nancy Bible

Paul & Silas in Jail

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Friday Quick Video & Magic Trick by Ellie

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Sally the Camel

Join Miss Sue for the Song Sally the Camel

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Thinking of Others

B's favorite book. Lending a hand. How can you be kind to others?

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K-6 PE Monday, April 6

Rainy Day Run

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Compound Events - Combinations

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