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Emma Smith Track Senior Profile

This video is a senior profile for track runner Emma Smith.

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Blue At Ladue

For this assignment, we got to choose what we wanted to make a video on. I chose to pick a color and film it around the school. The color i picked is blue and that's how i got the name!

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60 Second Video

Here is a minute long video of who I am and things I enjoy.

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Pretty in Pink

Here is my montage mania story of Pink !

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Interviewing An Expert

I interviewed an expert on basketball named Destini Rogers

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Hard Work Pays Off Every Time

Hard work pays off every time you are dedicated to push yourself to the limit.

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Thank You Coach McGovern

A big thanks to the teacher who has helped me through it all

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The Shooting Gallery

In this assignment, we were giving 19 different shots that we were supposed to record and edit. For the final project, we got to choose ten of the nineteen shots we filmed and put them together and…

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