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The Chase_Tonkin

A jogger suddenly feels threatened by a looming threat...

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Epic Object

This video reveals the story of a dollar bill. The symbolic item begins in the hands of its finder, becomes lost, and eventually finds its way back to its original owner. After all, it's the…

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mathXplosion Magic 9's!

do you wanna get educational? epic can help you! wanna do it yourself?click on the link!

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iAm iMovie Trailer

Mr. Goble Challenged me to create an I-Movie trailer about myself. Obviously I completed this project "flawlessly."

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Week 7 remote learning

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(Audio) World Cultures Lesson 4

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Advanced Phonemic Awareness- E2

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Another resource to check out digital books from our library.

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'I Like Being Afraid': When Kids Fly | The New York Times

For some kids, the playground isn’t enough – extreme sports like snowboarding or motocross are the best ways to have fun. But are they safe? Produced by: Shaughn and John for The New…

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Epic Trickshot in school


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Mr. Kenna's Big Adventure - Episode 1: Ninjas and Breadsticks

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Ladue Percussion: A Success Story

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When Worlds Collide

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Interview Project

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Sticky Grips

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Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand, feat. France APH

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