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6th Grade Math Angles in a Triangle

Learn how to determine the measurement of an unknown angle in a triangle given the other angles. Several examples, included isosceles and equilateral triangles, are given. Find all my videos and…

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Use Formulas to Solve Geometry Applications | A=(1/2)bh and find h | Minute Math

In this video we learn how to use formulas to solve geometry applications. We are solve the word problem: "The area of a triangular painting is 126 square inches. The base is 18 inches. What is…

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Classifying Triangles By Their Sides | Math with Mr. J

Welcome to Classifying Triangles By Their Angles with Mr. J! Need help with classifying triangles? You're in the right place! Whether you're just starting out, or need a quick refresher,…

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4th U8L4 #3

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4th U8L4 #2

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Go Math Lesson 11.2

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Math-May 8/11.2 Triangles

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hexagon two equilateral triangles

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Draw an equilateral acute triangle using a compass and protractor.

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Identifying triangles

Identifying triangles by their angles: right, acute, or obtuse. Identifying triangles by their sides: isosceles, scalene, or equilateral.

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8-4 Identify triangles by their sides

p. 285-286

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GoMath Lesson 10.3

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10-26-16: Chapter 04, Lesson 06

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Polygons by Shmoop

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10-27-15: Chapter 04, Lesson 06

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4.7 Isoscelese and Equilateral Triangles

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