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ED Secret Story 10-28

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In this video I show you how to open a Power Point presentation and start a presentation so that you can create your own story. (Similar to the class story we created together in class in our…

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Nubes : Clouds

¡Una de nuestras canciones del tiempo!One of our weather songs!

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How to tell time in Spanish

Spanish for Beginners - Do you know how to ask the time in Spanish? What about understanding when someone tells you when that all-important bus or flight is leaving? What time is check-out or…

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¿Qué hora es? Telling Time in Spanish

An explanation of how to tell time in Spanish, using y and menos.

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Jack on Summer School

Jack says congratulations to everyone for completing summer school, but mostly he can't wait to see everyone again.

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Virtual Career Day - Being a METI by Mrs. Fannin

Created to virtually share the Career of a Media and Educational Technology Instructor (aka... school media specialist and school librarian) for Liberty Point ES's Virtual Career Day. Visit…

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