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AP Lang Help Video #3: Applying the Rhetorical Situation

In this video, you'll learn how to apply your knowledge of the rhetorical situation to a text. This is the first step to writing a strong rhetorical analysis essay. This will help prepare you…

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AP Lang Help Video #2: Audience and The Three Appeals

In this video, you'll learn how a speaker/writer changes their language to persuade a specific audience. This will help prepare you for the AP Language & Composition exam. The information…

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Proud To Be Latino: Food/Comida

Celebrate Latino food and culture with this bilingual title full of tasty eats and fun facts!

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Ayuda con la lectura en casa (con apoyo)

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gotw 9 t3

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Conciencia Fonológica video

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Conciencia fonológica

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Conozca a la maestra

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Froggy va a la escuela

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Drumming Accent 1, pg 1

Drummers, please use this video to help you decode and practice Accent Lesson 1, page 1 for the lesson week beginning June 4th.

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Sky Islands for Violin

Violin Part for Sky Islands

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Insectos Insectos! Book

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4.18.2020 Mini lección de matemáticas con Mr.Granados

En esta mini elección de matemáticas aprenderemos problemas escritos de resta con sustraendo desconocido.

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4.13.20 Mini lección de matemáticas con Mr.Granados

En la mini lección de matemáticas de hoy veremos como representar problemas escritos de suma para descubrir el resultado de dos sumandos.

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Canned Air Commercial

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