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Oldest tapir in captivity. Guinness World Records

The oldest tapir in captivity is Kingut (b. 27 January 1978), a Malayan tapir (<em>Tapirus indicus</em>) aged 41 years 45 days old, at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve, in Lympne, Kent,…

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WHMS Morning News Tues Feb 8, 2022


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WHMS Morning News Tues Jan 18, 2022


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PHS Wizard of Oz Cast answer questions in character

Junior Deanna Jones asks Wizard of Oz related questions to a few cast members while they respond in character.

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Elementary Announcements 11.9.21

Morning News

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Whole Numbers Vs Counting Numbers | Minute Math

In this video we determine the difference between whole numbers and counting numbers. #wholenumbers #countingnumbers #minutemath #algebrahelp #algebra #prealgebra #beginningalgebra #mathhelp…

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"A Little Date"

A Short Film by Roman Borders.

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SJHS News 4.20.21

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SJHS News 4.15.21

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SJHS News 4.12.21

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4_5 _2021 What's Up @ LMS

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SJHS News 4.5.21

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SJHS NEWS 3.22.21

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Nicholas Smith Speech 2

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Teachable Moments Week 5

T.Griffin- Importance of Attendance: Everyone is important to the community

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One Man's Remorse for Ridiculing the Little Rock Nine _ The Oprah Winfrey Show _ OWN.mp4

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