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Carson Sims Speech 3

Hallsville HIgh School

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gotw wk4 t2


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Engaging Students through Collaborative Learning June 2022

This video is designed to help teachers learn creative ways to develop an engaging classroom through collaborative learning strategies.

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Final News Broadcast

We discuss: -The Uvalde Shooting -Climate Change -The 7th Grade UP Trip -Norup Phone Ban

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Bryan Final Interview Soundbites

This video features the final re-recorded soundbites that I have chosen as options for my final News Package project for the Ladue Broadcast Technology 1 class. Not all of the soundbites that can be…

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Bryan News Package

This is my News Package project for the Ladue Broadcast Technology 1 class. In this video I interviewed Selvidge Middle School student, Brandon Lopez, about his experience in Middle School. This is…

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Interview an Expert News Package

On my final project of the year, I was asked to put together a News Package. In this super cool assignment, I was tasked to come up with my subject, B roll shots, voiceover, and specific soundbites.…

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Interview an Expert

For my broadcast technology one class we were tasked to interview an expert at something. We had to take our best three to five soundbites from the interview. I think my favorite part of this project…

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Bryan Interview Soundbites

This video includes all the three soundbites that I chose for the video project, "Interview an Expert" in Broadcast Technology 1. I edited the video in Final Cut Pro. While editing, I…

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Barcelona es mucho más - Spain

Descubre Barcelona: es mucho más. Se sitúa en el noreste de España, en el centro de Cataluña. Su capital es la ciudad de Barcelona, capital también de la…

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They Did it Anyway

South Broward High had a meeting for young men of color in the school gymnasium. Older men were invited to talk to and inspire the teens.

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Reveal Earth's Atmosphere | National Geographic

Gases essential to life are explored through the history of the atmosphere. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium…

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S1_M0_2 CSPA School Passport Tour

School Passport Tour

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The Snowy Owl book

The Snowy Owl book

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Merry Festivus from BHS

BHS students air their grievances as we celebrate Festivus.

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MSA Interview

Full and final interview submission for the interview an expert project

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