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Spacesuits for the Next Explorers

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of NASA’s new spacesuit, the xEMU (Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit). In this full feature, you’ll discover how the spacesuit is…

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Escape Velocity - A Quick History of Space Exploration

Watch this short video (under 5 mins) about the history of space exploration from 1926 to today. This video was included in this playlist as it relates to Airplanes and Space. As defined by…

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S1_M3_6 Setting the Expiration Date

This video shows the School Passport administrator how to reset an application's export expiration date.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy - S05E09 Ocean Exploration

Bill Nye the Science Guy (Ocean Exploration)

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Morning Announcements December 13

Morning Announcements

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Mr tevlin

Mr Tevlin intro

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60 Seconds - Annabella Seeger

For my first assignment in Broadcast Technology V, I created a 60 second video as a short introduction. Learn more about me and my interests!

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Harbor Highlights, Jan.18, 2021

Naviance Intro, Library Update

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Kareem ch29

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Lesson: Science Apple Exploration

Explore the outside and inside of an apple. What color is your apple? How big is your apple? ?ow many seeds does your apple have?

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Curious You on Your Way! Read Aloud

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Topic Word Review- May 20th 2020

Let's review this unit's topic words together!

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Chapter 1 - Planning for the Future

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Mindfulness 24 - Emotions (Kindness/Meanness)

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Dandelion Discovery

Books can tell us a lot about the plants in our neighborhood, and we can make our own observations too! This video is focused on the heights and habitats of dandelions. What have you noticed about…

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[UPDATED] Amaze Your Brain at Home: Backyard Bug Exploration

What kind of insects live in your backyard? Head outside and learn how to tell a centipede from a millipede, build your own pitfall to attract an array of bugs, and perhaps become inspired to create…

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