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S1_M3_2 Selecting Applications to Manage

This video shows the user how to select an application for which to manage exports.

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S1_M3_7 Browsing History

This video shows the learner how to access different views of imported and exported data within the GG4L Connect component of School Passport

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S1_M3_6 Setting the Expiration Date

This video shows the School Passport administrator how to reset an application's export expiration date.

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Fire Prevention PSA

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Colors, colors - ¡Colores, colores!

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15th PreRecorded Class

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2020-21 Senior Ad Design - Quiz

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2020-21 Senior Ad Design

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Turning in Finished Spreads

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Hawaii's Annexation Research Directions

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Image Design Unit 3 Project Save as Different File Types

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How to Review SchoolTube Quiz Results

Watch this video to learn how to review the results of a video quiz on SchoolTube.

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Garrett Smith Speech 1

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Billing Businesses - InDesign Statements

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Test photopea video


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