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Welcome Presentation 2021-2022 Froebel

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! In this video, you will find information regarding the teachers and resources your child will be working alongside this year.

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Jack and the Wolf

Jack and the Wolf

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Week 7 2nd Grade Fable

Week 7 Ms. Agnew sharing Dream Big by Kat Kronenberg and characteristics of fables, lessons to be learning and how we should believe in ourselves and can show encouragement and kindness to others.

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Fable Viola Measures 1-20

Tutorial for Viola on Fable Measures 1-20

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Fable V2

Larry Clark's Fable, tutorial Violin 2

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Fable Violin 1 M 1-20

Measure 1 - 20 of Larry Clark's Fable, Violin 1

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Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes - The Kids Book

Fox eyed a bunch of tantalizing grapes hanging high from a vine growing high on a tree. The problem was ... Fox was only so high ... and the grapes were ... so, so, so high. He made a plan ... …

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