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Anthon McDermott Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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This baseball fan threw the greatest paper plane ever 😂 (via crazywill02/TT)

Ever wonder how far a paper airplane can fly? This fan at a baseball game got a surprising answer to that question when he threw a paper airplane onto the field during the game.

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This young fan’s reaction after giving NBA players high fives is amazing ❤️ (via ATLHawks/TW)

This video will be sure to brighten your day! Watch as the Atlanta Hawks high-five a toddler and bring him so much joy he squeals with happiness. This young kid brought joy to everyone around him,…

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A STEAM challenge about a "duck on water transport machine" ..... it is a long story !!!! because the duck hunting dog is sick !!!!!! This is where we arte up to so far - more later !

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Abigayle Whately Re-do Speech 2022

Hallsville High School

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📚 Kids Book Read Aloud: WE DON'T EAT OUR CLASSMATES by Ryan T. Higgins

Penelope Rex is nervous about her first day of school. What will her classmates be like? Will she make any friends? How many teeth will they have? Let's find out the answers as we read together…

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Preschool Read Aloud Story with Ms. Gisa! Mamie on the Mound: A Woman in Baseball's Negro Leagues written by Leah Henderson and illustrated by George Doutsiopoulo is the story of Mamie…

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Alayna McGrede Speech 1 2022

Hallsville High School

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February 11, 2022 Morning Announcements


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Alice and Avery's Adventures: Shopping for your Valentine

Join Alice and Avery as they shop Target for the perfect gift and suggestions for your Valentine!

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Coach Show Ep1.1. (1) An Interview with Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach Holly Mulligan

Join Senior Bella Perron as she interviews Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach Holly Mulligan

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Most views for an animal on YouTube. Guinness World Record

YouTube's most-watched animal is Maru (, a male Scottish fold cat whose videos had been watched a total of 325,704,506 times as of 22 September 2016. The media monitor…

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StoryMakers On Location: Andrew Clements at TLA Best-selling author Andrew Clements is on StoryMakers On Location! If you love books like FRINDLE and JAKE DRAKE you'll love THE LOSERS CLUB! We had such a great time…

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Addie's Scrapbook Biography Book Report

Students chose a famous person who intrigued them then created a two sided “scrapbook” poster to introduce their subject to the class.

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11-19-21 HL Highlights


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4th Grade Math Interpreting Remainders

Learn how to use long division in problem situations and interpret how the remainder affects the answer. Two examples are given in the video. Find all my videos and even more math resources at…

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