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Being Anywhere is Better Than Nowhere

This video is a creative project using six meaningful words and six unique camera shots that I decided upon. It tells the story of a teenage girl's feelings about her life through a series of…

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5 Shot Sequence, Daliah

I did the 5 shot sequence in Broadcast Technology I. The video is edited with Final cut pro and it presents the struggle between a human being and a vending machine.

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5-Shot Sequence

This video is a demonstration of the use of different camera shots and angles. It includes a series of videos of my classmate that tell a small story through actions. I created this using Final Cut…

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5 Shot Sequence

I produced a 5 Shot sequence of my friend in my Broadcast Technology class to learn how to shoot video and edit in Final Cut Pro.

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VikingVisionNews 6-13-2022 #662 Final 2021-2022 Show

It's the final Viking Vision Newscast of the 2021-2022 School Year, as our six wonderful Class of 2022 Seniors, Katie, Grace, Kaylee, Lily, Julianna, and Sara take charge at the anchor desk with…

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Outwit. Outlast. Outplay. Two Broadcast Technology teams take part in a life or death reality TV battle to win challenges and be the chosen the victor of the best final video for the semester.…

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Turning in Your Final

How to turn in the spring 2022 21st Century Journalism final

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Final Explanation

As a team, watch this video about your final. Google Chat me if you have any questions!

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Untitled Project

A cool graphic

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Ladue vs Seckman 2021

This is Ladue varsity football vs Seckman 2021

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Ladue vs Westminster Varsity Football 2021

Varsity Football Ladue vs Westminster.

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Bryan Interview Soundbites

This video includes all the three soundbites that I chose for the video project, "Interview an Expert" in Broadcast Technology 1. I edited the video in Final Cut Pro. While editing, I…

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5 Shot Sequence

5 clips using the 5-Shot sequence technique for the class Broadcast Technology I, edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Bryan 5 Shot Sequence

My name is Bryan and this is my 5 shot sequence video project for the Broadcast Technology 1 class. This project features short video clips focused on myself in one setting, performing the same task…

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Terry’s interview

For my Final project I had to interview someone and something that makes them unique. I interviewed Terry Gobel who plays Baseball for Ladue. I used the schools tripod and phone clip to film the…

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Keegan's Final_ Interview

This video highlights the best soundbites from my interview for my final in Broadcast Tech. It took a lot of time and was very tough to do but I think it turned out well. It went from 7 minutes to 1!…

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