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La Vie en Rouge

This is a color based montage film following a typical day in my life, created for my Broadcast Technology I final project. I filmed this with my iPhone 11 and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Being Anywhere is Better Than Nowhere

This video is a creative project using six meaningful words and six unique camera shots that I decided upon. It tells the story of a teenage girl's feelings about her life through a series of…

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5 Shot Sequence, Daliah

I did the 5 shot sequence in Broadcast Technology I. The video is edited with Final cut pro and it presents the struggle between a human being and a vending machine.

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5-Shot Sequence

This video is a demonstration of the use of different camera shots and angles. It includes a series of videos of my classmate that tell a small story through actions. I created this using Final Cut…

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5 Shot Sequence

I produced a 5 Shot sequence of my friend in my Broadcast Technology class to learn how to shoot video and edit in Final Cut Pro.

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Ladue vs Seckman 2021

This is Ladue varsity football vs Seckman 2021

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Ladue vs Westminster Varsity Football 2021

Varsity Football Ladue vs Westminster.

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Bryan Interview Soundbites

This video includes all the three soundbites that I chose for the video project, "Interview an Expert" in Broadcast Technology 1. I edited the video in Final Cut Pro. While editing, I…

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5 Shot Sequence

5 clips using the 5-Shot sequence technique for the class Broadcast Technology I, edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Bryan 5 Shot Sequence

My name is Bryan and this is my 5 shot sequence video project for the Broadcast Technology 1 class. This project features short video clips focused on myself in one setting, performing the same task…

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Julia 5-shot sequence

I compiled a sequence of 5-shots of one of my classmates. We shot these in the TV studio at LHWHS. The shots were close up, close up, wide shot, medium shot and interesting shot. The shots were taken…

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Final Cut Pro X Tutorials - File Compressor 3B

In this lesson we go over another way to render your file using Compressor, starting with why you might use compressor, how to send renders to compressor and add multiple render settings.

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Final Cut Pro X Essentials - Audio 2F from Videomaker

In this lesson we talk about audio – everything audio, from using your meters to how you view your waveforms. Plus, we cover audio controls, leveling practices, audio keyframes and how to sync…

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Final Cut Pro X Essentials - Titles and Graphics 2E

In this lesson we work with titles and graphics. We’ll go in deep, from creating custom titles, lower thirds and 3D text.

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Final Cut Pro X Essentials - Transitions 2D from Videomaker

In this segment we cover transitions from the tools you’ll use, how to control them and apply them. Plus, we’ll go over how to adjust transitions and all the different transition types.

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Final Cut Pro X Tutorial - Applying Effects 2C

In this lesson you will learn how to apply effects, how to choose and create presets and how to copy or paste one or more effect attributes.

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