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Sweep: the Story of a Girl and Her Monster

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Lizzie and the Good Luck Girl

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Caterpillar Summer

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Echo's Sister by Paul Mosier

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Hardscrabble by Sandra Dallas

Hardscrabble written by Sandra Dallas is a SCASL Children's Book Award nominee for 2020-21. Come join us as we "crack the door" of this book to begin learning about a family who moves…

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The Unsung Hero of Birdsong USA takes place in a small town in South Caorlina about 75 miles from Charleston, South Carolina. This book has been nominated for the SCASL Children's Book of the…

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Tony Abbott's series, Goofballs is a fun reading collection. In The Crazy Classroom Caper, a small group of kids who call themselves the Goofballs are always looking for new mysteries a.k.a.…

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Just Like Jackie - December 1, 2020

Robinson Hart's mother died and she now livles with her grandpa. She is a very sensitive girl who loves playing baseball and helping her grandpa out at his garage where he repairs cars. …

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Arlo Finch, the Valley of Fire is the first book in the Arlo Finch series written by John August. Join us in the first chapter as the family of 3 - mom and 2 children - relocate to Pine Mountain,…

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Chasing Secrets by Gennifer Choldenko

The setting is the San Francisco Bay area, Knob Hill and Chinatown. The story takes place in 1900 - during the time of an epidemic. Lizzie, who is 13, is the daughter of a doctor. She marches to…

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