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Whit Loves Bunnies - WSCN PTV 2, Semester 2

Liv interviews Mr. Whitacre about bunnies and other things.

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Elementary Announcements 5.17.22

Morning News

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Brave TV News 1/29/2021

William R Boone High School in Orlando, Florida daily news broadcast

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Just Like Jackie - December 1, 2020

Robinson Hart's mother died and she now livles with her grandpa. She is a very sensitive girl who loves playing baseball and helping her grandpa out at his garage where he repairs cars. …

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Cell Cycle Notes Day 2

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A Little Spot of Love by: Diane Alber

A read aloud of: A Little Spot of Love by: Diane Alber

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Those Darn Squirrels

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001 Heggerty Substituting

into substituting words/phonemes

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phonics 54

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Newsies - Once and For All - Scene #15Sylvia

Sylvia plays Jack, Emma is Katherine and Aderyn is Davey in Once and For All.

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Book 25 - May18

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American Sign Language Alphabet.mp4

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Thirteenth Vocabulary Sheet for Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn

Read aloud of the thirteenth vocabulary sheet for Time for Andrew

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Morning Meeting April 14

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