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The 12 days of Creekmas CCE

2021 student project "The 12 days of Creekmas" part 2 Filmed at Cross Creek Elem. in Wintersville, Ohio By Bobby McDonald, Michael Flinn, Hannah Moore, and Jeffery Bensie

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The Law of Conservation of Mass (Lavoisier)

Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School offers a 15 min video on Lavoisier's law of conservation of mass (lab).

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RHS AP CHEMISTRY LAB- How to do Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid Info

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The Copper Cycle

Dr. Moira Milne and Brock Lambert of ConVal Regional High School conduct a chemistry lab on the copper cycle.

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First Day Demo Take 3

First Day Demo third try

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Topic 10 Lesson 1 Questions 13-19

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20. Using Ice to Boil Water Demo - Part I - Mr. B.MP4

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20. Using Ice to Boil Water Demo - Mr. B - per 6.MP4

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Hydroflask Ad

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Chemistry After Hours 3 - "Smoking Penny"

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