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Student-produced news and entertainment style show.

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Parts of an Apple

Diagram of the parts of an apple.

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9/30 Genesis Class

This is our 9/30 Genesis Class session

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9/28 Genesis Class

9/28 Genesis Class Session

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banana grow and doctors

in tech we used bananas as natures natural rooting hormone - and it worked !!!!

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8/25 Genesis Class Session

In this teaching, Mr Brondyke completes our teaching on Genesis 2.

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Determining the Central Idea

This video will provide an explanation on determining the central idea of a non-fiction text.

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Lesson 2 - Detective Fiction

Sherlock Holmes Audio Book:

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Consequences : Conflict of Sin (Teaching)

In this teaching, Mr. Brondyke talks about the effects of sin on God's creation, the consequence of that sin for all parties involved, and the conflict of Sin that we as Christians face each…

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