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Carson Sims Speech 1 2022

Hallsville High School

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S4_M2_3 Creating-and-Managing-Folders-Reading-PPT

This video introduces the concept of folders within the GG4L AppStore and the School Passport user portal.

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WHMS Morning News Wed, Jan 5 2021

the news

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WHMS Morning News Thurs Dec 23, 2021

school news is here!

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How to Turn in an Event Photoshoot

How to turn in an event photoshoot.

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The 12 Days of PD: Day 2

In this video, we cover Google Chrome bookmark tips and tricks!

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RMS Google Drive Setup

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Uploading Clicker files to Primary Ipad one drive

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Writing video

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New Standards-Based Report Card

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Chapter 5 Am I Ready

Am I Ready for Chapter 5.

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Sight Words 10-26

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Week of October 19 Recap

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File and Link Explorer

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Creating a Folder

Creating a Folder in School Passport

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